The Brewhouse, New Delhi
creative directors
Emilia Bergmans
Abhineet Singh

Mimansa Sahay

copy writer
Shibesh Mehrotra

Layout and illustrations for part of a series of promotional booklets designed for the launch of Sly Granny, a concept bar in Bangalore.

Granny Knows Best was imagined as the personal diary of the eccentric and mysterious Granny. Several themed mixology recipe books were also designed.

Sherry Shenanigans, a collection of recipes for sherry cocktails, inspired by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Knockout Punches, a collection of recipes for punches, inspired by Communist posters.

Hair of the Dog, a collection of hangover cures, inspired by early Woodcut posters.

Boozes for Cruises, a collection of cocktails iconic of cities on the Mediterranean coast.