Delhi Dallying

Delhi Dallying is an independent project founded by Bhavika Aggarwal, Rohan Patankar and Varun Bajaj.

Conceptualization, graphic design, communication and execution for a series of speaker events. More over on Delhi Dallying’s Instagram.

Offsites is a series of intimate conversations unpacking and discussing the work and life paths of SPA alumni who are doing other things.

In celebration of the School of Planning and Architecture’s 75th annisversary, Delhi Dallying was commissioned to host a series of events which might interest students and alumni.
We decided to celebrate how architectural education has prepared most of us for the world in unexpected ways—often, by introducing us to other disciplines and careers.
Events are held off-site, in the studios or workplaces of our speakers, who introduce their practice and process, followed by an informal discussion with participants on their personal journeys since architecture school.

Our first Offsite was with contemporary dancer and curator, Virkein Dhar at the Oddbird Theatre in Chattarpur. Notes and photographs from the event here.

For the second Offsite, we met at a commercial office complex in Gurgaon with senior Brookfield real estate asset managers Shantanu Chakraborty (2001) and Pallav Kumar Agrawal (2007). More on this event here.

Production designer and filmmaker Sidharth Mathawan (2004) was the speaker at our third offsite, held at Monkey Business in Gurgaon. Our reflections from this event can be found here

For each event, we designed a small giveaway for our participants which captured some of the insights from our speaker’s journey.

We also asked Paperbox, founded by fellow SPA alumni, to create a series of custom-branded notebooks for our participants and speakers.

Event photographs by Delhi Dallying.