The Brewhouse, New Delhi

creative directors
Emilia Bergmans
Abhineet Singh

Sachee Malhotra

copy writers
Megha Roy
Rohini Roy

product photographs
Biswanath Mondal

Brand strategy, positioning, identity, packaging, art direction and website design for Arata, an all-natural personal care brand.

Over the course of a year, we worked closely with the Arata team to develop a strong message that could align their products, communication and experiences: No Toxic Stuff. 

The visual language of the brand is designed to be positive, happy and friendly. The vibrant color palette, extended typography set, series of rounded shapes and clean iconography work together to build an adaptable, open system, best suited to an ever-expanding young brand.

The packaging system uses colour and the shape of die-cut labels to create distinction between product categories.

The clean website design keeps the focus on the products.

We extended the playful brand voice to the social media communication and unboxing experience; using smart, witty copy to drive our ‘No Toxic Stuff’ stance home.

Our initial design explorations went far and wide as we tried to distill down the essence of the brand.

These design explorations use uncredited photographs found and admired on the world wide web. No copyright infringement intended.